Saturday, July 30, 2016

AP Email Bag: Brain Ping Pong- From "The What Have Yous" To "Races"

The bald guy with huge bags under his eyes, that's me. In California but still on Georgia time and an early riser anyway I find myself creeping out to the patio as to not wake up those still sleeping so I can do a bit of blogging.

Coming home has been a blast and spending time with family and especially my son, his lovely wife, my daughter and her boyfriend has been life affirming for sure and a little unsettling too. Unsettling in the sense that I would love to be able to do this all the time. You cannot underplay the power of a hug, of being silly and serious and everything in between face to face. Sharing details of your live via the phone or internet just doesn't cut it really. Anyway, while I sort out the future it is nice to always know what is really important. That will never change.

I found this band in my email this morning out of New York with the odd name of "The What Have Yous" and while I am waiting to find out more about them before I do a full review of their newest album entitled "Kristy" listening to some of their material got my mind ping ponging around. Their song Any Little Thing transported me back to the Silver Lake Jubilee Music Fest in 2011. I shot a band called Races and something about the vocal performance that Zac Gannett from TWHY puts out reminds me of Wade Ryff. Always loved Wade's style. His band Races seemed to be on the upswing putting out a great record around 2012 on French Kiss Records called "The Year Of The Witch" and it was well received. I think Races is no more although it is hard to determine when that happened. Maybe someone can fill me in.

In any event I shot them performing "The Knife" which I still consider to be one killer performance. Right after Silver Lake Jubilee I think Races went through some personnel changes. As I said earlier, I will flush out my thoughts on "The What Have Yous"in a future post but for now check out one of their tracks and that video I shot of Races (back in the day).

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