Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Petite Meller And Her Artistic Band Of Visionaries Are At It Again: "Milk Bath" Official Video

Petite Meller and her artistic band of visionaries are at it again, The new song "Milk Bath" is a heady sonic blend of world indie music. It is pop but stuffed with cadences and beats that make you think of zydeco and mbaqanga rhythms all polished up and highly produced. The chorus is extremely catchy and sort of uplifting really. Some of the melodies feel Paul Simon-esque and not in the Graceland sort of way but in the 70's "Me and Julio Down by The Schoolyard" kind of way, which had that delicious samba feel to it and you can feel that here too.

"Milk Bath" was recorded both in and around London and Johannesburg in South Africa with the stellar instumentation performed by a cadre of talented musicians including Ladysmith Black Mambazo. As is always the case, Meller's sweeping blendo songs always include stunning video imagery and this song is no exception. Her long time collaborator Asaf T Mann shot some amazing stuff at various locations in Germany and Senegal where they shot luscious scenes at a naturally pink lake. The result is a song and video that feels vast and inspired with just the right dose of weird. Petite's aesthetic blends a whimsical sexual allure too but it is balanced here with a sense of wonder and as always there is this kind of all inclusiveness that is so engaging.

"Milk Bath" feels to me like it will have the widest reach of anything she has released before. Time will tell.-
Robb Donker


  1. Hey ! Did you hear the new Pixies song, "Um Chagga Lagga" ? From their new album "Head Carrier" that will be released in September !

    1. most
      definitely- I wrote a post on it last Friday on the 8th :)