Sunday, July 24, 2016

PIXIES Peek At New Songs - The Pixies Phil Spector Song: "Classic Masher"- 90's Post Rocker: "Head Carrier" and the Blood Curdling Punk Metal Scream of "Baals Back"

The Pixies new album "Head Carrier" is due out September 30th and during their current European Tour they have been playing some new songs set to be on the album. This month Pitchfork shot some video at Portugal's NOS Alive Fest and captured 3 new songs including "Head Carrier's" title track.

"Classic Masher" feels a bit like a Pixies Phil Spector song. The melodies feel romantic and Joey's guitar big and dramatic. It feels 60's ballad like. It has a sock hop punk aesthetic.

"Head Carrier" with it's chunky guitar and what feels like a sub and main chorus feels like 90's story / road rock. It is a fist in the air kind of anthem made to play live.

"Baals Back" with it's heavy rock prog (that is reminiscent of Tommy Tutone or Blur or The Hives) feels blisteringly heavy and then shifts / goes to some unexpected places. Black Francis can still scream and I thought of his youthful insane razor blade chorus shriek of Tame (from Doolittle) but in "Baals Back" the song is one long blood curdling scream and it simply kills. It is full charge, full tilt rock and in it's fury it just might signal the battle cry that the Pixies are back (in a big way).

While I was already eager to hear the new album after hearing these 3 songs I simply cannot wait to wrap my senses around "Head Carrier"-
Robb Donker

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