Monday, July 11, 2016

The Pocket Rockets - "The End" (Official Video)

 The Pocket Rockets out of East L.A. are due to drop a new album soon produced by Jon Siebels (Monsters Are Waiting, Eve 6, Flybys) and Masterd by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, The Kills, The Arcs) but while you are waiting check out the video that will provide a taste of what is to come.

"The End" explodes from the very beginning with a heavy bass / drum groove as Ralph Blanco's vocals evoke a cool edge. The vocal performance and musical breaks feel like a kind of The Doors meets the Drums meets early Strokes and is that a punkified homage to "Black Magic Woman"???. The energy and dynamics of this track kill and beg for repeated listens. The video as as directed by Rudik Osorio takes place in shadows and a blue cast apart from the L.E.D lights adorning the drum kit. While the music is high energy, the boys play it chill and low key. The musical breaks are what show the dynamic melodic edge. Cool. Check it out.

Robb Donker

The Pocket Rockets are: 
Ralph Blanco - Bass Guitar & Vocals 
Lyndon Miller - Guitar 
Christopher Magallon - Drumset & Percussion 

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