Monday, August 15, 2016

Jeff Rosenstock - "Nausea" at The Wrecking Ball Fest in Atlanta 8/14/16 Turns Into A Joyful Sing-a-long

The 2016 Wrecking Ball Fest in Atlanta as a rock fest was a mixed bag BUT one thing is for sure, the line up was pretty awesome. After shooting and enjoying Dinosaur Jr on the big outside stage in pretty oppressive heat I headed over to see the remainder of Jeff Rosenstock's set. He was playing on a small outdoor stage in the shade of the iconic Masquerade building itself. His final song was "Nausea" from his 2015 album "We Cool" that erupted into a full on sing-a long. 

I hadn't seen him before and I must say I was  blown away by his energy and infectious smile. The man puts on a great live show and the band (basically) Antarctigo Vespucci another side project of Jeff and Chris Farren of Fake Problems is so damn solid. Wish I was able to see the entire set. 

My apologies as this video had some interruptions. My Lumix must of been overheated from being in the sun all day- (old cam) and it was freaking out. I still wanted to post this up because it is so much fun.

After you view the video - Check out his bandcamp:

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