Monday, September 12, 2016

Album Review: Goon: Dusk Of Punk EP - Hits Just The Right Balance

It is funny when you listen to new music and you try to describe it. In the end you might just end up describing yourself more than the artist or band. As you allude to other artists or possible inspirations you might give yourself away. In this way any kind of new music or art form might be a reflection or a sonic Rorschach test of sorts.

The Dusk of Punk EP by Goon set off so many bells and whistles off in the pleasure centers of my brain and as those synapses fire off there is a certain unmistakable giddiness in the sense that as good as these songs are they might hold the promise for a band who turns into one of those iconic things. Now all this happiness might be due to the fact that Goon does sound a bit like the ghosts of some great bands or to put it nicer that they just might be cut from the same iconic cloth. I mean when the lanquid mid-tempo almost drunken sway of Dizzy wraps around you full of bendy guitars and the rebound sound of a huge airplane hanger you can't help feel a Pixies vibe. That vibe is present in the razor blade gutteral screams and choppy stomp of Merchant Hall too. Gay Rage took me to a kind of Kinks "Tired Of Waiting" feel if it was done by Chad and the Meatbodies. Green Peppers has a bedroom recording feel. Apart from what sounds like an organ, it has a stoner around the camp fire psychedelic tone. I love it and it made me think just a little of MGMT blended with Kurt Vile as did Slab Roller which is so beautifully wistful.

Now, I apologize for bringing up so many other bands in this review. I usually don't and truthfully Goon doesn't sound like they are usurping anyone else's sound at all. It is me. They bring up a comfortable amazingly lovely reflection of some iconic sounds in my mind. Maybe the biggest surprise on this captivating EP is Scab. The upfront guitar licks washed over by a wall of vocals feels as beautiful and dreamy as a Northern California fog. The song is a constant slow build up with some static radio sounds that serves as hazy memories. It builds and builds and then ends. The end doesn't feel abrupt, it feels perfect and kind of sad.

Dusk of Punk by Goon comes out September 16th for download as well as a 50 only "Mystery Box Edition" cassette version featuring hidden messages, secret songs and more. Find out more here.

- Robb Donker

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