Monday, September 5, 2016

Night Beats - "No Cop" (Official Video) - A Dark Comedy In Echo Park That Jams

The Night Beats video for the track No Cop off of their 3rd studio album "Who Sold My Generation" as directed by Riley Blakeway involves a nefarious cop on the prowl for... well, your guess is as good as mine. The actor portraying the cop hits all the right notes in a performance that is complexly funny and a bit terrifying riding the dark comedic chops in between Danny McBride and Brian Cox. The victim hits the right notes as well as does the Night Beats whose blues / psych / garage rock tinged sound has that organic roots / proto punk heart of bands like the 60's MC-5. Looking forward to sharing my thoughts on the entire album but for not enjoy No Cop again and again.
Robb Donker

No Cops is from Night Beats third studio album "Who Sold My Generation" out January 29th, 2016 via Heavenly Recordings / [PIAS] Recordings

Produced by Nic Jodoin in Echo Park, CA
co-produced by Robert Levon Been

Night Beats are: Danny Lee Blackwell (vocals & guitar), Jakob Bowden (bass & backing vocals) and James Traeger (drums)

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