Sunday, October 2, 2016

Del Caesar's - Rock Aesthetic Bucks Normal Conventions By Just Rocking On EP2- Hear "Like They Always Say"

There is something in Brooklyn based Del Caesar's sound that feels like a cut of American rock pie maybe with pecans in it. There is that time when rockabilly kind of shifted and absorbed tinges of soul, blues rock, country and tones out of the UK. This alchemy of music coalesced into a particular roots rock sound forming Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and even Neil Diamond. Later that same slice of Americana rock would push the sound of Marshall Crenshaw and the 80's indie tones of bands like the Smithereens, The Gin Blossoms and the underrated Willie Nile. I can here certain comfortable degrees in Del Caesar's sound on their new upcoming release EP2. Sure the sound is more current but that same straight rock heart is at the foundation of their sound, at least to my ears.

Like They Always Say cuts a cool groove that crosses garage rock genres. Eric Arikian bass is so hooky. I love Aaron Lloyd Barr's vocal performance which has a controlled chaos to it. The song jams without hopping on indie trends. Lie To Me- sways in a Brit rock way, the opening with the frenetic Keith Moonish drums courtesy of Ben Reynolds lifts the pretty chill rocker nicely. I'll Bet with it's southern / folk rock undercurrent and Never Be Alone with it's 60's rock bones might feel the most retro sounding. There is something in the guitar lines, bass and drum grooves and vocal attack that is classic as they come while still rocking furiously. Nowadays a lot of garage rock / indie bands are interjecting so much of the fuck you / get stoned /  attitude in their songs that it has become kind of formulaic making Del Caesar's straight rock sounds so fresh.

EP2 drops on November 11th via Reheated Spaghetti.

Robb Donker

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