Saturday, October 8, 2016

Robert De Niro Calls Out Trump With Righteous Indignation and Passion and It Is Something To Behold

We live in interesting times. I mean, to me, the fact that Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are the front runners in the 2016 American Presidential Race is kind of stunning, very surreal. I am not really a Clinton supporter but the fact that someone as ill equipped as Donald Trump could, in fact, possibly become President is comedic and shockingly sad.

It might be a clear indication that the Republican Party has lost it's heart, soul and mind. Maybe it is a temporary form of insanity and it is probably good in the long run because their policies have been fractured a long time ago. It is funny, over time and within the long lens of history Ronald Reagan really was a fairly moderate republican and based on my readings of his policies and his public comments while President and after leaving office I am quite sure that he would (if somehow magically alive today) not vote for Donald Trump.

Another person who will not vote for Trump is Robert De Niro. On Twitter De Niro calls him out with righteous indignation and passion launching into him in possibly the only way a man like Trump would understand and it is something to behold.

You go Bobby D!

Robb Donker

Robert De Niro on Donald Trump: 'He's a punk, he's a dog, he's a pig ...' #TrumpTapes

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