Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Kera and the Lesbians Single "I'm Late" featuring The Wild Reeds Is a Tropical Alt Folk Time Machine Born Out of Love and Love Lost

I have had a mad crush on Kera and the Lesbians since I interviewed Kera and the boys 5 years ago. At the time I wrote - They conjure up a bootlegged brew of porch blues infused garage rock that transforms you to another time when rock and roll was evolving from swing jazz, boogie woogie and Southern ragtime.- and I still think this description holds true.

Their latest single "I'm Late" burns and sways in multiple decades. It features the amazing folk trio The Wild Reeds (on backing vocals), Aaron Sterling on percussion and Matt La Rocca on lead guitar. Produced like a time machine by Jon Joseph Polluck it sends your mind to a dozen places at once. From the transistor sheen on Kera's vocals to the tropical punk / 40's Coconut Grove sway it is glitzy yet edgy. Dreamy, sultry and haunting, it feels like a voyeuristic martini vacation and like most vacations ends way too soon.

About this evocative track Kera Armendariz shared:

 “This song came almost effortlessly. I remember writing it as she was swimming in the pool, watching her and realizing how lucky I was at that moment. Lucky to know someone who believed, challenged and brought out the best in me in the nine years of knowing her. I realized long ago that not all relationships last. Coming and going in waves, that all you can really do is appreciate the time spent in one another’s lives. It will always be heartbreaking no matter how much time passes losing someone you deeply care about. I wrote it for you, for me, for us.”

The band will be releasing more singles this year and I look forward to each and every one. Pour yourself a drink with an umbrella in it and get lost in "I'm Late" (feat. The Wild Reeds).

-Robb Donker

Feb 11   San Francisco   The Chapel ^
Feb 12   Portland             Rontoms
Feb 13   Arcata                The Greenhouse
Feb 14   Los Angeles       The Satellite #
Feb 17   Davenport          Gas, Seed, and Feed Festival

^  Dead Sara
#  Reggie Watts

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