Tuesday, January 31, 2017

NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest Vids - Big and Small and Some Not Behind Desks Highlights Dream Seekers

I have loved and listened to NPR for decades and so submitting a video to this years NPR Tiny Desk Contest feels both exciting and preposterous. My submission involved a simple set up, a camera on a tripod and a heartfelt song. In sampling a small slew of submissions yesterday I was stunned at not only the amount of talent but the level of professionalism not only in the performance but in the videos themselves and all of the sudden I felt rather small. I was also a bit perplexed and mildly stunned that some of the videos didn't really involve standing behind a desk as prescribed by the rules and while most actual Tiny Desk Performances on NPR involve artists who strip their music down to basic elements (and that is the charm and fun of the Tiny Desk shows) some of the submissions are full blown electric performances in a rather large space. For me, that does somewhat dull the spirit of what the Tiny Desk concert is and is meant to be. For gosh sakes the word "tiny" is there for a reason.

I am so utterly stoked to have submitted a video and all along the reason for submitting was simply getting in the fray itself and being a teeny tiny part of the institution that is NPR itself. How bloody brilliant is that, at least in my mind. So to those of you who are situated under rocks and may not have heard of all that NPR has to offer (socially, politically, musically) or are not familiar with the Tiny Desk shows or contests I hope you go to You Tube and search Tiny Desk Concert. You will find so many incredible performances in the most intimate of settings. AND thank you Bob Boilon for creating the Tiny Desk concept in the first place. I bow to you.

Below are some of the recent contest entries including mine (I am the one wearing the striped shirt) showing just a drop of the pool of performances. Today I will go to work with South Hill Banks charming harmonies and bouncy cadence in my soul. Enjoy.
Robb Donker

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