Monday, February 20, 2017

Altar Eagles (Erick Alcock) - "What Are You Coming To" - A Dreamy Spring Reverb Laden Carnival Ride

Altar Eagles ( Erick Alcock) newest offering is called "What Are You Coming To" and it infects your musical brain quickly. It is chunky and oh so dreamy like being stuck in a huge spring reverb laden carnival ride. While it possesses it's own sound it had me thinking of MGMT's incredible debut Oracular Spectacular and that is always a good (great) thing.

About the song Alcock says:

"'What Are You Coming To?' is a song about hindsight. Basically about looking back on a relationship and trying to own up to your own mistakes while realizing you don’t even recognize the person that you thought you knew so well. Kinda like that line about listening when people tell you who they are, but in this case you didn’t. All past tense."

"What Are You Coming To" is indie pop perfect really. Love the vocals, the in the room sound of the drums and that ever so hooky bass / synth line. Alcock as a member of  The New Royales have had his talented hands in songs for Eminem, Kanye West, Pink and more leading to several Grammy wins as well as the theme for Mission Impossible 4, the Call of Duty video game and Jake Gyllenhall's movie Southpaw.

Check it out below- and when will the Altar Eagles album come out. I am waiting-

Robb Donker

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