Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Review: Mercy EP- by Mercy - Post Modern Soaked in Absinthe and the "Evil Baby" Video Playfully Skewers Trump

The presidency of Donald Trump has heralded a new age of political activism on all fronts. Activism and protests have always spilled over into all forms of media from protest songs to razor sharp barbs on SNL.

There is a provocatively fun song on the Mercy EP  (a stellar collaboration between Brooklyn singer songwriters Mercy Weiss and Christopher Pelnat) that serves as Trump protest commentary but before I get to that, let's talk about the EP.

The 5 song EP is a mixture of post modern dare I say hipster nostalgia sometimes pushed through a kind of baroque pop filter. Mercy's voice is coarsely sultry and transports you an alternative universe somewhere between a 1940's speakeasy and 1970's Studio 54. The track  Ice Cream could be a song made in the Warhol factory in the 60's. It is a sticky sweet sexy come on song. Love Dust feels more in that aforementioned baroque pop tone sprinkled with trippy sounds. It is a song soaked in Absinthe. It is kind of haunting too. It could of been in the soundtrack in Anna Biller's era bending "The Love Witch".  Lioness appropriately stalks. It is Cotton Club stuff and fully embraces that era and tone. A Torrent is a duet with Pelnat and feels like a fable. It's kind of majestic military march cadence also has a slight Spaghetti Western tone and I love that. The last song on the EP takes us back to the beginning of this review.

The track Evil Baby is coy and playful with  totally wah wahhed out guitar lines. It moves quickly and it's refrain- "I know what you are get out of the house. You're Evil Baby" works perfectly adapted to it's video that skewers Trump with a fair amount of levity. I mean trade house with White House and it is perfect social commentary.

This 5 track EP is a trippy wash of styles embracing the post modern vintage sensibility that has been embraced by a lot of people especially millennials. The songs are smart and cheeky and that absolutely coquettish vocal performance will have you screaming for Mercy. Did I really just write that? My silly comments aside go purchase this EP. It is a one of a kind.
Robb Donker

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