Monday, May 1, 2017

AMERICAN PANCAKE RADIO SHOW NUMBER 1: "Yellow Pills" - You Will Like This!

Please check out the very first true AMERICAN PANCAKE Radio Show podcast. I have been having a blast contributing to the Tuckshop Community Radio Show which airs weekly on Thursdays our of London and decided to start sharing my musical tastes, views and interviews on my own show.
First one is kinda rough but it will only get better and I just found out that Jack Bacon from Tuckshop will be contributing a song each and every week so I am so totally stoked and honored about that.
On and upward and if you are a band or solo artist or whatever let me know about your passion, your work, your music, your art and it might just end up on the show. I would also appreciate if you share the show link to your friends so I can build up an audience.

Thanks for the support-
Robb Donker

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