Monday, May 22, 2017

Wall of Ears - Video for Floating Off The Line and Their "Hello Beautiful Nothing" West Coast Tour

When I first heard the name Wall Of Ears I thought of Wall Of Vodoo (Mexican Radio) the late 70's / 80's L.A. band whose front man, Stan Ridgeway, had roots in the film scoring business. Sonically these two musical outfits have nothing in common except the fact that they possess the ability to make great music.

Wall of Ears are out of Seattle and the thick psychedelic pop stew is cooked up by CW Lott. The aesthetic is soundscapes that sway and move in a lush sort of way. An immersive sound with beautiful flourishes that can border on eerie and are abstract and are kind of mind bending and can flow into sultry flavors. It is a dance of sorts and Wall of Ears are not afraid to mix it up. CW Lott's voice is perfect as the provocateur and he slides nicely into full falsettos. It would be hard for me to put any past band or artist on them as a descriptor but when I heard that song Mind Moves I thought of Mac DeMarco mixed with Roxy Music mixed with Tame Impala mixed with the Beach Boys. Yeah, weird huh(?)

They are supporting their "Hello Beautiful Nothing" release that drops June 16th with a West Coast Tour (can't believe they are playing the Dollhouse in Anaheim, CA.) and if you are able you MUST go see them. You will not be disappointed.  Check out the video for Floating Off The Line -

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