Wednesday, September 20, 2017

London Electro-Pop Outfit Crooked Teeth's Release "Mirrors" And Yet Unreleased Songs Portend A Stunning Debut

The mainstays, the meat and potatoes of rock and roll are guitars, drums, bass and vocals from the heart and soul. Obviously and orchestra of instruments stimulate that heart and soul and when the Mellotron and Moog synthesizers arose in the 60's minds were blown. The critical mass of synthesizers in popular music was and may always be the 80's and since then there are bursts of synth based bands now and then. Amid the guitar fueled indie bands, the sometimes over saturationg of the same thing those synth bands can feel like the circus is coming to town. Electronic strains, synth dreams and robotic beats can still, if done right, feel like the future and nostalgia as one at the very same moment. There is something particularly trancy and sinisterly cool. If done right there is a deep tone of romance and hope too. When it is done right it can feel like pop gone awry in a good way. The 3 piece band that call themselves "Crooked Teeth" out of London get is so right.

Their relase Mirrors is so lush and infectious fueled by pumping synth engines and dreamy drones of sound. Robert Armstrong's vocals are incredibly cool and yet drenched with an almost aloof sense of sadness. This song kills because it exists in that vacuum of time when your heart is either going to swell with love or be broken into a million pieces whether in a highschool gym shaking under a glitter ball or under the lamplight of a seaside pier in the embrace of middle age. Cool stuff.

As engaging as this track is I am blessed to have heard some yet unreleased tracks. One that is rumoured to be named "Sand and Stone" in it's emotional complexity is just drop dead gorgeous. It does everything right in such an utterly understated way. The lyrics are wistful and cinematic. Seeing as these UK boys sing about the "American Dream" I wonder if it is with derision or a sense of glory or something in between. However you take it, the result lyrically but more importanly melodically is very moving:  "Bless these walls with pace, you bless the American Dream for you. Blistered by the screen, salute the lone star’s what you do boy. Southern by demand, you god speed your John Glenn for you boy. Hit and hope in hell, you bless the American Dream for you boy."

The track Oh Toronto Nearly Done feels more chill and cagey. There is a sense of wanderlust tool. Of travel and movement. The track Lungs has an uplifting new romantic wave come over you.

Yes, the circus has come to town and it is grand.
Robb Donker

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