Saturday, January 27, 2018

Saturday Morning- Round UP-- Giddy UP- New Music - Drips and Drabs: Rosie Tucker, Andy K. Leland, Tiny Fighter

It has been a week of getting back in the groove after last weeks business trip in Vegas (day job). I pretty much find the Vegas strip to be highly annoying and fatigueing. The constant drone of casino noise in the hotels, the crazy cost to eat there and the zombies trying to have a great time just don't look all that happy. Maybe it is all the hard earned cash they lost. Since coming back I have tried to religiously send the new Donker album out to Blogs and such which is really weird. I love making music but pushing my music on others has always made me uncomfortable but I do know that if I want to eventually find my music in film or maybe have a successful artist perform one of my songs it is something I have to do. Just gotta do it. This has introduced me to services like Submithub which I am not really sure about but am using or shall I say, testing the waters.

Rejection. I have received numerous "rejection" emails for multiple songs. I also know this is part of any creative endeavor that you want to market. Being on this side of the submission process has made me think of me as "music blogger" being behind the submission desk. I don't know if American Pancake would ever be part of the Submithub process because I like to take my time and get to know some of those who submit and AP has never been the typical blog playing typical music. AP also feels free and happy to post about bands that don't sound perfectly crafted, perfectly shiny and clean.

But enough praddle. This morning I wanted to share some cool sounds.

Rosie Tucker's new track Spinster Cycle is wonderfully indie poppy in a good way. She has a facility for lyrics that hold hands and sway together with wit, humor and sad hard truths. The twists and turns bathed in a winked kind of sarchasm bops along within her punchy sounds and melodies. A lot of her sounds fall into that singer-songwriter, folk, indie thang but her sound can be hard to pinpoint (more reason to love her) - I do think of Aimee Mann a bit in songs like (the Wolfy Collab) This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things and last years Fault Lines. Oh and she rocks the bass in Gypsum too.

Andy K. Leland is from the Eastern part of Italy. As Andrea Marcellini and as ex-bassist and main songwriter of the alt-rock band My Cruel Goro he is putting out some very stripped down lo-fi sounds on his own as Andy K. Leland. The funny thing is that for me being primarily accustomed to your standard common "American" or "American English" accent I find some of Andy's lyrics in-decipherable. This is due to his 100% Italian roots as well as his strong Northern English accent from time spent in the UK somewhere between Manchester and Leeds. His accent maybe a hybrid of sorts but his melodies and emotional tones come through loud and clear. Despite the fact that I cannot make out some of the words I like the sounds I am hearing and that is most important to me. Check out a track from his Happy Daze EP (sub titles, uh I mean... lyrics available).

I like musical duos and I like the name Tiny Fighter. They are an indie pop duo who hooked up in Stockholm in 2017. The Australian / Swedish duo craft shiny sounds. Clean well crafted songs. Those of you who follow American Pancake probably know that I usually gravitate to sounds that are more raw and disjointed and askew but still I gravitated to their debut single New Century. I want to go on a morning run and have it in my head. Check out the video below--

Robb Donker


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