Friday, February 2, 2018

7 SECONDS and Tree Of Love from Auramancer's "The Only Way To Fail" EP

Auramancer is the rebirthed incarnation of Belgian musician, singer and songwriter Blaede. Originally formed in 2000 with childhood friends the alternative band lasted just about 5 years. After other successful incarnations that flirted with stoner rock / grunge / dreamy art rock Auramancer was brought back to life in 2013 this time as Blaede's solo project / moniker.

Auramancer's first album "Golconda" came out in 2014 mining grunge and early 90's motifs and many of those styles are back on this years "The Only Way To Fail" released Jan. 18. The sound is sweetly crafted rock with facets of dreamy art rock, grunge tones and anthemic big sounds. Blaede also twists in quirky twists and turns. Flashes of Stone Temple Pilots and Queens of the Stoneage flashes in my mind as I enjoyed this EP. Check out 7 Seconds and Tree Of Love.

Robb Donker

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