Monday, February 12, 2018

EMAEL - "The Boy Who Melts The Sun" - Organic and Electronic Shape Shifters

The track The Boy Who Melts The Sun by the L.A. "indie chamber pop" group Emael feels like an Alice in Wonderland kind of happening.... the song itself shape shifts organically and electronically. The tempo ramps up and then slows down leaving you breathless at times creating emotional tensions that give way to stirring choral melodies.
The comparison to Radiohead and Hiatus Kaiyote is inevitable.
Multi-instrumentalist musical visionary front man Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess formed the band from his most talented friends in 2014.

Emael has spent the last two years defying genres and working with Grammy nominated producer Itai Shapira crafting their debut album "Glasswork" which I look forward to experiencing.

Take a trip down the rabbit hole.
Robb Donker

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