Saturday, February 24, 2018

From Kate Renegade's "New Unquiet Life" album- hear "Bow and Arrow"

Kate Renegades's "New Unquiet Life" album drops in May of 2018 but we already get to hear the rocker Bow and Arrow.

Out of Chicago the post punk guitars and heavy swagger is in full force. Kate's voice is just as full bodied and biting but can get tender when it needs to be.
Robb Donker


Kate Renegade plays heavy pop / rock and roll out of Chicago. Their newest songs are a deft mix of vintage rock storytelling à la The Replacements or The Pretenders, with a contemporary, visionary sound that smolders at its edges.
The sometimes soft, sometimes fierce vocals of frontwoman Steph Maieritsch impart an unapologetic intimacy, while the contributions of bandmates Noah Vandercook, Eric Unger, and Bix Trash help create finely-crafted pieces that combine assured pop instincts with a true rock grit. Or, as the Chicago Tribune put it: “deep lyrics and tightly-constructed instrumentation packed into a few minutes.”
The band met in 2015, and played numerous shows around the Chicago area under their former band name, Nest. After embarking on a midwest tour and developing new material, they were reborn as Kate Renegade- a name that more accurately reflects their music: fierce and focused, heavy and melodic, tough and emotive.
Kate Renegade has just finished recording with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, and plans to release its new album in the spring of 2018, and support the release with live shows near and far. As Maieritsch sings in the new song Theories of Forgetting, “I was never one to watch silently, the queen can see the future as a memory.” Maieritsch and Kate Renegade have something to say, and they will say it with heart, intelligence, and a refined intensity reminiscent of the highest stars in the rock’n’roll night sky.

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