Saturday, February 17, 2018

Gareth Inkster - "Last Year" A Sweet Pop Rocks Explosion

When I heard Last Year it's earnest and sweet pop strains felt like pancake syrup. I, in fact, joked with it's author Gareth Inkster, a 26 year old multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario Canada that is sounded like the theme song for a sitcom about a super hero. I was hearing a hokey-ness because I am such a hard cynic and then the songs tender nature started stripping all my hard edges and I (slowly yet surely) fell in love with the track. I don't know if it was the dreamy backing vocals that feel kind of Beach Boys-ish, the almost George Harrison like lead guitar flourishes or the drop dead sweet gorgeous vocal element that Gareth brings. His vocal performance feels like first love. A very cool song.

Gareth's 7 track album is in the works and I can't wait to hear it. Searching on YouTube I found Gareth doing some amazing Radiohead covers (playing guitar and piano) and there are other original songs to mine too. His musical self is varied and deep. Check out Last Year with an open heart.
Robb Donker

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