Friday, February 2, 2018

Garnet Mine- Tells the Story of "Jenny In A Sea Of Pennies".

Garnet Mine-- it must be a place and it must have a story. Hopefully singer songwriter Chris Moyer will enlighten us someday and even better maybe he will do so in a song. He lives in Pennyslvania and so it may not be a coincidence that he wrote the track Jenny in a Sea of Pennies.

The song is sweeping and vast but feels a bit broken too like people who inhabit small towns all over the country. The sound feels like post rock 90's, like electric guitars slung low and wearing bagging jeans not skinny ones. But don't forget the acoustic guitar sound to that starts it all off and holds this track together like glue.

There is not much to know or show about Chris but this first track shows his prowess for telling stories that feel real whether they are or not and in the end that doesn't matter. What matters if if we feel something when we listen and I do-

Robb Donker

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