Tuesday, February 13, 2018

L.A.'s The Jacks - "Wings" Is That Kind of Rock & Roll

The track Wings by The Jacks has a truly commercial sound and when I mean commercial I mean that their rock and roll steeped in classic sounds is so retro that it is immediate and now. The kind of now that would easily sell fashion because fashion is always now. Aside from the grand marketing side of things. These guys (based out of L.A.) don't sound like a homage band of any sort. They just seem to possess the musical DNA of 60's and 70's British Invasion bands that in turn borrowed heavily from American rhythm and blues blending a potent rock mix. You hear it in The Jacks. I thought of The Stones too and The Black Keys a bit and Hanni El Khatib. Put on your tight pants and boots and listen.
Robb Donker


Jonny Stanback - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Tom Hunter - Lead Guitar
Scott Stone - Bass Guitar
Josh Roossin - Drums & Percussion

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