Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Marble Teeth : One man Lo-Fi Bedroom Pop Out of Central Illinois - "Happy Enough" from the self titled Pretty / Somber EP

Happy Enough is a spartan Lo-Fi bedroom pop song from Marble Teeth's self titled EP. Marble Teeth is Caleb Jefson from Decatur, Illinois crafting simple cool songs about a seemingly simple life with simple intentions but in between the lines there are deeper strains that feel somber and in the crescendos in tracks like the forlorn Window and the kind of party jazzy Terms Of Service even some hope. Still putting the fleeting hopeful feelings aside a lot of the tracks do feel full of puppy dog stares and a certain fatality of one's condition. The tone, I get... hope you do too. In Bedroom amid pretty guitar picking and dreamy ooohs building on oneself the album ends in a big beautifully sad tired sigh.
Robb Donker

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