Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mendonesia's - "Fish" from the upcoming album "Spirit Van" is rock and rolling down the road.

The track Fish moves. As you hear the jammy mix of garden rock, country with seriously proggy breaks and a funky ass bottom you literally see images of all the places you have traveled by car, or train, or plane in your brain. It is this kind of party meets wanderlust meets stoner rock kind of atmosphere that is so utterly intoxicating.

Mendonesia which itself sounds like a place or state of mind are not surprisingly out of San Francisco. After forming this "project" and making bedroom recordings Tom Conneely played all around San Fran with various band members, appeared at SXSW in 2017 and toured twice up and down the West Coast. Conneely met Daniel Lavezo at the Sweetwater Music Hall where they both worked. Lavezzo interning as a sound engineer and Conneely as a waiter. Fate or a happy accident, or both, the two played with other band member doing shows from Frisco to Seattle. While other members left they remained and eventually through it all they crafted the "Spirit Van" album due out this March (2018).

From the band's Facebook page:

Spirit Van is a definitively un-hip album. These are songs about being bummed out, not having a lot of money, or much to do; while the strata of music on Spirit Van attests to the disappearance of youth and disillusionment in the age of social media. Recorded over the course of the summer and fall of 2017, Spirit Van, saw the coming and going, replacement and flux of recording studios, band members and engineers throughout its conception. But after lasting the course of the sessions, Mendonesia presents a country-tinged testament to the twenty first century. With new members Steve Jaegar and Jake Bartlett in tow, Spirit Van will be released in full March 12, 2018.

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