Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Nellen Dryden - "Funny Feelings" - A Beautiful Slow Dance For Valentines Day

When Jules Belmont's translucent dreamy pedal steel notes float in at the beginning of Funny Feelings you are instantly floating along and then when Nellen Dryden's earthy heartfelt vocals slide in the seduction is complete. It feels like a midnight slow dance, maybe a heartbroken one.

Independent roots-folk artist Nellen Dryden's vocal performance is one of deep vibratos and high registers. She seems to feel every word adding emotional gravitas to the song. A formidable song writer her creations are influenced by R&B, folk, gospel and country upbringings in the Tri-State area even dabbling in the New York theatre scene. When hearing the lilt of her voice you might think of Neco Case or Mazzy or the iconic Linda Ronsadt. Nellen now lives outside of Nashville.

In the official video for Funny Feelings the camera moves among Nellen and the musicians and you see the front door open. Maybe it is a metaphor for her heart. I just thought of how lucky it would be to be one of her neighbors and hear those sweet serenades. In the end every second of Funny Feelings feels right and sounds right. Amazingly recorded live straight to tape in Nashville's popular Welcome to 1979 Studio.
Robb Donker

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