Saturday, February 24, 2018

Put on a white dinner Jacket, tight pants, grab a martini and listen to "Origami Heart" by Hollowlove

The track Origami Heart by Hollowlove feels kind of retro like the romantic new wave of Bryan Ferry / Roxy Music circa 79 to 87-- but not. The synths feel a bit more shifty, spartan and askiew. Still the allure is here. Slick back your hair, put on a dinner jacket with skinny pants and dance with a martini.
Robb Donker-


Hollowlove is moody electropop from Vancouver Canada. 

Hollowlove producer Keith Gillard and vocalist/illustrator Ryan Slemko have collaborated since 1999. Until 2009, as Fidgital, their eclectic (schizophrenic) releases appeared frequently on international electronic and dance charts. They were joined for their live shows by percussion-ninja Craig Burdes, and Brian Rex Barry on bass. In 2004 the group was honoured with a Canadian Independent Music Award.

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