Monday, February 12, 2018

The War Outside by My Oh My! - Haunting Embrace

The War Outside is a raw emotionally tinged ballad that has a late 70's Americana garden rock tone ala The Band that at once feels haunting and so very sad but also comforting too. The 8 piece Kansas City band My Oh My! stirs up this kind of nostalgia courtesy of A.M. Merker's cut glass vocals, driving rock guitars, piano down beats and Sarah Dolt's, Melissa Geffert's and Stephanie Gaume's harmonies. This is a band I want to see live.
Robb Donker

My Oh My!: Stephen Berry - lead guitar; piano, Grant Buell - piano; bass, Sarah Dolt - vocals, Stephanie Gaumé - vocals, Melissa Geffert - vocals, Jacob Horpinjuk - drums, Jason Harper - bass; A.M. Merker - vocals; guitar