Friday, February 23, 2018

Transport yourself to "New Mexico" by The Western Front

From the "Between The Moon" EP transport yourself to New Mexico and the quiet intoxicated slumber of The Western Front's three piece sound. Pearly guitars, long haired dreams in a sleepy town and cool beets at night and maybe something a little stronger on Saturday nights.

The Western Front exist with no overt pomp and circumstance and I mean that in the best possible way. They are hubbed out of Austin Texas by way of of Iowa City and feature members of Tomar and the FCs and the Wandering Bears. The self described genre is rock pop soul country. The band members are David Earl on keys, guitar, recording- Mitch Fischels on bass guitar and Drew Fischels on guitar and vocals. The album also features Paul Kresowik on drums and Tony Rincon on pedal steel.  Get back to New Mexico below as well as the entirety of "Between The Moon"-

Robb Donker

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