Thursday, February 8, 2018

White Buffalo Woman- Official Video for "Love Resolution" from the "Foolish Hearts" Album

White Buffalo Woman is a rock band hailing from Canton, Ohio. One listen to Love Resolution and you can feel so many tasty flavors from blues rock to surf punk flavors shifting in and out of the groove dug deep by Alex Leggett's walking basslines and John Wales' snap heavy drums. Adam Murphy and Devin Bezeredi on guitars make deliciously potent sounds that are at one biting and clean. Evan Rutledge's melodic vocal performance has grit built in.
Their aesthetic of stirring blues rock, soul, psyche and punk tone all together makes their sound cool and wonderful trip.

They just released their full length second album "Foolish Hearts" up on Bandcamp. Check it out after you see the official video for Love Resolution below (DO NOT MISS the track King of the World).

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