Saturday, March 17, 2018

Gut Derby - Hear "RoadKill" -- High Wire Art Rock out of Madrid, Spain

Gut Derby is a self described crooner out of Madrid but oh, he is so much more. After listening to hours of new music bereft of creative sparks of any sort I heard RoadKill. Gut Derby's kind of underhanded battery acid tinged vocal performance has the same sort of derisive scouling tone of the bitterest 90's Thom York or maybe a better example would be PJ Harvey. Both artists (in iconic songs) exude this kind of deadly intent in their singing style, their inflections tinged with the deepest hate and self loathing too but mostly sardonic and utter insane hatred of stupid people and evil things that need to be struck down. The hate can be internalized and is expressed it in a way that seeps out of them.

I hear this gritty teeth clenching emotion in Gut Derby's rendition of Road Kill and (like Yorke and Harvey) this embodiment and expression feels taught, high strung and very, very theatrical. That's the thing, it is, afterall, theater. It doesn't mean that, at it's core, the emotions aren't real but it is high art... high theater. PJ Harvey (in exercising all her demons) does it so well that writers and her audience thought that her most caustic of songs were autobiographical but they weren't. She is just one hell of an actor. I have a feeling that Gut Derby is as well.

RoadKill written by Gut Derby. Produced by Manuel Cabezali and Gut Derby. Gut Derby (vox, acoustic guitar and programming), Javi Otero (drums, Electric guitar), Manuel Cabezali (bass and electric guitars and Gerard Toal (cello). Recorded at Estudios Satelite- Oviedo. Mixed and Mastered by Manuel Cabezali.

I was in need of high art, of great music that moves me to the core and I found it. Gut Derby is currently working on his first album "Business From Scar City" to be released in October (2018).
Robb Donker

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