Saturday, March 24, 2018

Listen to Gris-de-Lin's BIG SOUND in "Muhammad Ali" -- from the album "Sprung"

I don't know much about Gris-de-Lin except that she has a luscious voice and in Muhammad Ali creates big walls of sound. She is a singer / songwriter from Dorset, UK who describes her style in terms of alt folk, alt rock with the blues and warped electronics thrown in for good measure. At least from this track there is a deep theatrical tone too- so maybe she is an art rocker. However you describe this lady, my spidey senses are tingling and I want more and I want to see her perform live with a band. Her debut album, Sprung, comes out on BB Island records in April (2018).

Gris about the song:
"Inspired by a true story – a patient escaped from a local hospital and broke into my old flat overnight, leaving behind a pile of clothes and a nametag that read ‘Muhammad Ali’. This got me thinking about incarceration, whether physical or mental, and the idea that ‘whatever you do to me I will still have freedom of thought’."

Robb Donker

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