Saturday, March 17, 2018

Numero Boudreaux finds more BNNY RBBT Found Footage - "I Hate Love" - A Children's Song Grown Up Too Fast

Numero Boudreaux from Macedonia has located more found footage of the ever so mysterious myth and legendary BNNY RBBT. This video and subsequent track is called I Hate Love and it is a whimsical blend of pearly keys and orchestrated synths as BNNY RBBT's casiofied vox turn around the musical corners. It feels at once like a children's song grown up to fast contained in a fever dream. Trippy and fun but also pop crunchy beautiful in a kind of Reggie Watts meets MGMT sort of way. Whatever it is, I love what Numero has stumbled upon and find it vastly more engaging than anything the Flaming Lips have put out in years.

The Official video (found footage) is equally dreamy.
Robb Donker

NOTE: Free Download Available On You Tube Link

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