Friday, March 23, 2018

Palm Ghosts- track "Love In Winter" will stir chilly images in your brain and heart

"Love In Winter"- those three words just sound so lovely together. They stir chilly images in your brain and heart. 

Palm Ghosts is a 5 pieces indie / alternative band from East Nashville, Tennessee and Love In Winter is a glimpse into their soon to be released album. This track is deep. Deep in it's almost 80's synth heart and swimming in emotions. I love the aesthetic here, love the boy/ girl vox.
Robb Donker


Palm Ghosts is the nom de plume of songwriter / producer Joseph Lekkas. A Philadelphia native, Joseph relocated to East Nashville in the winter of 2014 and has since self released 2 records, Palm Ghosts and Greenland, self produced and recorded in his home studio.

In May of 2017, Joseph began work on his most ambitious record, a cinematic dream pop / dark indie LP celebrating his favorite sounds from the most colorful of musical decades, the 1980s.

Influenced by groups such as Cocteau Twins, Peter Gabriel, Dead Can Dance, New Order and The Cure, he began sketching song ideas to create the lush, cinematic arrangements he was hearing in his head. The fruit of his labors, Architecture, is nearing completion.

Also, for the first time since 2014, Palm Ghosts is a performing band, featuring Joseph Lekkas on Bass and Vocals, Erica Whitney Wilkes on Vocals and Keyboards, Ben Douglas on Guitars and Keyboards, Jason Springman on Guitars and Rene Lambert on Drums. Look for upcoming tour dates in 2018 and beyond.

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