Saturday, March 31, 2018

Readership- distill "that" sound on "Pet Ghost"

Readership out of Philadelphia craft indie rock that harken back to the 80's strains of bands like R.E.M and The Smithereens. Maybe it is the power pop tones, strident guitar work or the passion of Adrian Morse's vocal performance. Whatever it is, there is something about that time and Readership has distilled the aesthetic perfectly. Listen to Pet Ghost and hear it for yourself.
Robb Donker


Adrian Morse and Matt Lee started performing together in various Philadelphia bands in 2012 after Matt inexplicably responded to Adrian's internet ad seeking a female collaborator to write coffee shop folk music. West Chester, PA-based musician Gregory Matthew joined with Adrian and Matt in 2014, having spent most of his formative years drag racing cars and baking many delicious cookies. The band released their debut LP New Ways to Make the Same Mistakes in 2016. Since the release of that record, the band has added new member Gabe McCall on bass guitar.

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