Saturday, March 10, 2018

Self Titled EP by Boston, Mass' Dutch Tulips - Super Chunky and Fun- hear "Cadillac" and more

From Boston, Mass Dutch Tulips make chunky pop rock. On their self titled debut EP front man Jack Holland spits out vocals some times in a fractured way like "coo, coo, coo cuddling" and "alright, uh huh, uh huh oooh" and some times not- his voice is on top of the mic and it can float up into sudden cool falsettos. All this while the bass and guitars and drums are driving in a thick, thick way with tiny inklings of keyboard sounds filtering in at times. It feels raw and clean at the same time. It can feel retro pop-ish in a fun way. I think one song is an ode to a dog (not sure). It is the kind of 6 chord rock (if that) that is earnest, straightforward and totally infectious especially if you listen to it while holding a beer. I thought of Weezer a bit and / or Superchunk and / or Diarrhea Planet and / or Death By Unga Bunga. In Darlin- Jack sings "Darlin, do you want more?" and I do. Hear Cadillac below--
Robb Donker

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