Saturday, March 10, 2018

The EP "This Island Earth" by New Jersey's Scream Hello Is Tenderly Epic

Coming back or never having gone. It is all good. Scream Hello from New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Hear their latest 4 Track EP called "This Island Earth" - There is something real and organic here like 90's Americana post rock. It exists in the earnest singing and bar sway melodies and those beautiful lead lines. I thought of Miracle Legion (and by extension even Polaris) and in some bizarre way I thought of Titus Andronicus sonically but, of course, Scream Hello would be the ying to TA's yang or a bipolar less dark side even though Sad Places Happy People is so emotionally complex and stirring and amazing. Jawbreaker feels like so many backyard parties that strip away the pain of working jobs that don't satiate the soul by close hearted toasts better days. The title track This Island Earth jams in double time and vaselates between childhood dreams and young adulthood anthems. The final track Goodnight bristles sweetly without a kind of country rock lilt and then erupts slowly into a vast alt rock tone of Pink Floydian proportions. Such great sounds in such great hands.
Robb Donker

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