Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Thunder and the Giants - bad band name but Killer debut single- "Lemon Cider"

These guys are from Liverpool and call themselves Thunder and the Giants. Not my favorite band name but then rumor has it that they used to be called Thunder and the Gypsies which was much worse. Besides not having an affinity for coming up with band names I like what they say on their interests on their Facebook page:

Ant likes looking like Michael stipe from REM. 
Josh enjoys long walks on the beach and blowing cigarette smoke onto freezers. 
Will is interested in the theories of X-Men Origins (Wolverine isn't that bad of a film)

AND more importantly I really like how they sound. Their debut single, Lemon Cider, feels free form and party fun in a kind of Weezer-esque sort of way but not. Vocal performance has that kind of "I don't give a fuck" tone, the chorus is big and the guitar break is cool and tasty.
Robb Donker

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