Saturday, March 31, 2018

"Tincture" from the "Portmanteau" album- Psychedelic acid washed sounds out of Leeds, UK

Don't underestimate the ability of a lone musician, a sole survivor making sounds that will transport you to unknown places. The artist Scrambled Limbs out of Leeds, UK is a bit of a mystery to me but my introduction, the track Tincture from the "Portmanteau" album, is awash in psychedelic sounds that appeal to me. Some of the guitar lines and vocal walkie talkie sound feel a bit like acid washed Beatle-esque sounds and certainly Lennon-esque in a good satisfying way. As Tincture flows into Juggler's Despair (amazing) which then moves to forlorn Plasterboard I am finding out I need to delve into the entire album but for now do me a favor and trip out gleefully to Tincture.
Robb Donker

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