Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Scene From Jaws - "You" is darkly sweet post punk with proto punk tones

From Ireland, the band A Scene from JAWS (don't you love this name?) kind of coalesced in the vibrant Cork city music scene. The track You made me think of the quirky new wave coolness of Boston, Mass's Human Sexual Response (circa early 80's). There is something about ASFJ's sound that possesses the same slighly cynical, dark but smart proto punk / art punk aesthetic.

PRESS NOTES: Formed while frontman and songwriter Declan Hyland was in film school, his background in cinema brings a tight narrative structure to his songwriting. His songs harness the power of ten-year collaborator Shane Whelan, whose EDM basslines give the music direction ad energy. Hyland enlisted the help of his partner, Kay Finan, whose improvisational synth sound adds a distinctly moody atmosphere. Their shows mix the giddy haze of a dance club with the fast pace and dark humour of a midnight horror film. The album pending release features jazz drummer Ian Murphy, and their upcoming tour lineup includes funk guitarist Stephen Springall and Math-Rock drummer Eoin Hayes.
Their upcoming album features a number of pop songs alongside some moody deeper cuts, recorded at WhiteWell Studios with producer Ciaran O’Shea in Cork and in the legendary Funkhaus in Berlin.

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