Saturday, April 7, 2018

"Crazy Happy" by Charlie Lane - deceptively deep pop song

Charlie Lane is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia and as far as I can tell a band too. As you can tell I am just learning about her or them or whatever. What I do know is that their track Crazy Happy makes me smile and sway. Love the sound here and the fact that Charlie can sing a line like "you got shit for brains" and it still sounds poignant. Love her voice and the emotion edge she has in every phrase and word. The trumpets in this track are so amazing as are all of the musical elements that somehow feel sad though supportive. Even the lead, as bouncy and cool as it is has a sense of pathos. Cool emotional thing happening on this track. The other musicians are Ellie Lamb on Trumpet, Lindsay Chapman on guitar, Beppe Abuiso on bass, Trysten Ewing on drums and as I am now gathering (I am slow or just happily intoxicated by this track) that Charlie Lane is the moniker for Charlotte Saville. I don't care really I just love this song and look forward to hearing more from Charlie.
Robb Donker

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