Saturday, April 21, 2018

Family And Friends- Jubilant Sound- "Peaches"

Peaches by Family and Friends is full of dense sounds and all inclusive emotions dripping from every sonic element. The sound on this track is jammy and big riding on tom toms, pearly potent guitar lines and rushed waves of vocals. The aesthetic is part indie rock and part alt folk. I can feel intentional or unintentional bows to bands like Of Monsters and Men but also a nod to bands like Japandroids in the sense that this band has a furious passion. Hmmm, maybe Japandroids as a Gospel band (I'm kidding).
Robb Donker


Hailing from the musical mecca of Athens, Georgia and built on the idea that the sum is greater than the individual parts, Family And Friends has steadily gained a loyal following with their spirited live performances and “good music, good people” mantra since releasing their 2015 EP XOXO. Their new highly anticipated album Felix Culpa, produced by Chicago-turned- L.A. auteur Brad Wood and due out June 8th, is nothing less than an epic coming-of-age tale with a massive sound that amplifies their former indie-folk roots onto a technicolor, Cinemascope screen.
The forthcoming album title, which loosely translates to “blessed mistake," illustrates the notion that while we may continue to search for some semblance of meaning, the fact that we are here at all deserves to be celebrated, and Family And Friends intends to do just that. Felix Culpa focuses on a precipice of life’s journey, as we begin the quest for existential meaning and come to terms with the fact that people, relationships, and seemingly universal truths are more complicated than we perhaps realize. 

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