Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Lindsay Kay's "Invited" is a crystal clear affirmation

Invited by Lindsay Kay is the perfect lullaby to be played for little wee beautiful babies. It is after all an ode to the love and respect of our bodies and minds and personal space. It can, may, will inspire conversations and debates although it really shouldn't as it is simply a crystal clear affirmation set to beautiful music and melody.
Robb Donker

Lindsay Kay releases the first single from her new project "For The Feminine By The Feminine"- it's called "Invited" and it's about consent in all its forms. The Feminine project is for all those folks who identify as feminine, or who want to be in touch with their feminine sensibilities. All the lyrics, production, mixing/mastering, artwork and marketing team identify as feminine and Lindsay plans to keep it that way.

Originally from Canada, Lindsay is a graduate of Berklee College of Music where she studied Jazz Composition and Performance - and while jazz is an important part of her life - she's been drawn to the folk side of things. Her love of folk has taken her to Europe where she traveled among the European capitals for artist residencies. She's painted, taught music and began to create this project.

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