Sunday, April 1, 2018

London's Dead Man's Knee- hybrid heavy metal - hear the full attack of "Pleasure"

Dead Man's Knee are out of London and craft a potent brew of rock and rolled distilled from blues, gospel, soul and heavy straight cut rock. When you hear their track Pleasure and it's direct rock and roll attack I thought of the hybrid styles of bands like Detroit's MC5 and even the punk blues rock of a band like the Dirtbombs, the funk rock of In Living Color and of course, bands like Led Zep, the Cult and any band that rocks hard. DMK is comprised of Del on guitar and vox, Angelos on guitar, George on bass and Leonn on drums. Del and Leonn grew up in London attending the same church while Angelos and George both come from Greece. It is a heady mix of musical passion. Del's vocal performance has a big open throat sound and I thought of singers like Ronnie James Dio and Corey Clover kind of blended together.
Robb Donker

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