Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Luke De-Sciscio's - Stop Motion Short Film to "The Sky Exhaled" is whimsical and mildly mad

UK folk singer - songwriter Luke De-Sciscio's just released his latest labor of love, a stop animation short film set to The Sky Exhaled and (slowly transitioning to) Vivid Love from his beautifully moving 2016 album Gossamer Rose.

De-Sciscio possesses a keen hand crafting detailed whimsical drawings that move in imaginative ways. The jumpy cut and pasted style only adds to the charm. Luke explains the process and mild madness of this creative craving: 

So on the first day of this year I decided it was time to try pushing myself in a new direction. Acting, somewhat naively, on a dream - I set myself a month aside to visually bring to life a track of mine in the form of a stop motion animation.

I would hand draw each scene and then, with my shitty old phone taped up to a tripod, incrementally move each aspect, or ...draw another bird further into its flight - or ...well whatever really. Much back ache. Much ''just 10 more's.''

With no experience to speak of, this was very much a learning on the go type situation, a month of long days melted away, the deadline jumped to ''End of February'' then ''End of March'' - then the inevitable despair that sort of rears it's ugly head when you start questioning if it wouldn't just be easier to cut your losses and give up... these intense 3 months we're a microcosm of any creative journey. But then the end was in sight.

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