Sunday, April 8, 2018

Penguin and the alt pop rock largess of "Get Out"

I will bet you a dozen delicious donuts that when the pop powerful chorus of Penquin's track Get Out will make you smile and tap your foot. Are you listening? I told you so.

Penguin are an alt-rock band from Newcastle, UK. Get Out with it's kind of warbled retro sounding guitars and chill vox feels like something between tropical punk and straight pop and then when the chorus comes in so big and lush you are hooked. The resulting bass line seals the deal. -

Robb Donker


Penguin are an alt-rock band from Newcastle upon Tyne who made their musical debut by uploading the demo ‘Not A Problem’ to Soundcloud ahead of their first gig at Evolution Emerging Festival 2017, supporting Eat Fast, Coquin Migale and Lulu James. Despite being a demo, ‘Not A Problem’ was well received, securing radio play from Huw Stephens on BBC R1 and widespread blog coverage, contributing to Penguin being picked to play the BBC Introducing Stage at Reading & Leeds Festivals 2017. 'Get Me Out' is the band's first official release, showcasing a more polished sound while still retaining the huge guitar riffs demonstrated in their early demos.

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