Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sabiyha single "Five Months" from her "Hollow Bones" EP

London based singer-songwriter Sabiyha's latest single Five Months is at once beautiful but filled with tension and pain between every evocative vocal phrasing. It is this ability to translate hurt and hope in the same lyric and her unique vocal styling that seizes you by the throat and punches you in the gut at the same time.  Sabiyha's aesthetic is not for the faint of heart because you will be moved and possibly transported to past pains in your own life but, wow, her sounds and the emotions they hold are something to behold. Her EP, "Hollow Bones" drops April 20th.
Robb Donker


‘Five Months’ was written just after the end of a long relationship, where Sabiyha felt she’d begun to change ‘aspects of myself and held myself back to fit into his world.’ Having been told that he’d been thinking about ending the relationship for the past five months, this sentiment stuck with Sabiyha and she channelled all her frustration into songwriting. The track is powerfully relatable as Sabiyha sings of bending over backwards to save her fleeting relationship through effortless lyrical poetry, ‘just perspiration from trying too hard’. Juxtaposing fragility with great courage, producer Andrew David James expertly mirrors the concluding chapter of this story as hopeful brass melodies swim beneath Sabiyha’s vocal, just as it’s on the edge of breaking. The writing on ‘Five Months’ is as bare as it comes, but with an underlying sense of personal growth and coming to terms with her feelings, Sabiyha’s music is always so much more than just the sum of its parts.

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