Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sims Volour : wake up and be a "Rebel"

Sims Volour is a guitarist, songwriter and graphic artist out of Belle Glade, Florida and his song Rebel spoke to me. There are not a lot of rebels that you meet in your day to day existence and I am not talking about those revolutionary movements that change the world and shift societies. I am just talking about those rebels in everyday life who challenge the status quo at work or in the creative endeavors they swim in whether it is music or film or whatever.

I love rebels and maybe, truth be told, want to be more of one so, yeah that is why this song spoke to me. Rebel with it's jazz infused sounds is inviting but also carries some deep lines amid the sweet guitar work:

 "you know I jam with the Buddha and I groove with the savior... and Mo said life is a dream and death is the wake up so wake up and be a rebel, rebel, rebel today... a revolutionary I say... I say....


"we're just well behaved monkeys in a one horse town... always getting high to just to keep from coming down... "

Hell yes, wake the fuck up and be a rebel.
Robb Donker

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