Friday, April 13, 2018

"Soul Sigh" by New Jersey's Simple Man has 1 stark problem

Soul Sigh by New Jersey's Simple Man has one stark problem. The track is simply too short. The song starts with a beat and strummed chords moving into a chill yet evocative prose thrown down by frontman singer songwriter rapper Yaakov Kafka until it expands into this vast and beautiful groovy vibe. The refrain "sould sigh so high" sinks in like a mantra and then the guitar work by Eli Weiss is just cool and divine. I love the effect on the guitar.  There are other sounds shifting around provided by bassist Clayton McIntyre, acoustic guitarist Tamir Tusia and drummer Pat Mooney. The track ultimately feels like a blend of hip-hop and indie rock pushed through some jazzy and proggy filters. It floats you away but ends too short making you fall back down to earth. Cool stuff. I need to listen to this again for the 5th time in a row.
Robb Donker


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