Sunday, April 8, 2018

Trainwreck Department's EP No.1 is a post punk / alt folk / experimental Gem

Trainwreck Department is the home recording project from Danish songwriter Jacob Faurholt and his EP No.1 (for me) is one of the bright spots in music thus far this year. For lo-fi bedroom pop his songs even when executed in a bare bones way move down interesting roads and divert into surprising sonic palettes. Christmas Tree feels downtrodden and ambient noises along with over modulated vox  offset the life into the recorder sound. It is so stripped down and rough that when an added female vocal and percussion step in it feels like it will grow but that only happens once. That makes it more memorable. On the post punkish The Stars Are Shooting At Us feels like a love song on the run as the refrain "all we need is love... all we need is us" feels punk charming. The sad forlorn Doctor Please is poetic and less lo-fi then most. There is a early Flaming Lips quality here as the mood is deeply effecting though open ended. On the track Carousel the mood feels like youthful love or hearts breaking becoming anthemic until it abruptly ends with a woman talking about a darkly humorous phone machine message. Instrumental with it's Casio beat and harsh synths feels whimsical like some apocalyptic fable. In the end, Jacob's little home recording projects engage your senses in such a dreamy way and sticks with you. Love this EP.
Robb Donker

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